Fierce Mild

Fierce Mild form compelling songs speaking of all things from the sinister to the absurd. From a brooding, visceral atmosphere reminiscent of that of The Drones but swamped in a rich post-rock, shoegaze and psychedelic cinematic maze, the narratives unfurl amidst unrelenting dynamics that transcend listeners into unnerving dreams. The band has released a triplet of tracks to national acclaim and airplay, with sold out shows and 2 national tours in 2015 which included performances at The Brunswick Music Festival and Rock the Bay. Their sets are aided by stunning live visuals.

Fierce Mild’s performances are designed to give you an experience similar to the of an intense psychological movie.

Compositionally, the band takes an element or experience of life and expresses it through the instrument or voice. Drums are made to sound like a typewriter ticking away at the back of a mind which is writing itself out of existence. Spacious delayed guitars reflect a faint subconscious memory in a dream. As the memory boils to the surface, the memory manifests itself into a sweaty schizophrenic nightmare. The music explodes in layers of dissonant noise and then returns to a peaceful but unsettled melancholy with carefully contrasting melody and a lone voice expressing displacement.

The visual elements are created by visual Artist Stephanie Peters, who explores elements of time passing through her multi-layer video works

The concept of a swan as the emblem is itself an oxymoron much like the bands name, in that it represents the idea of beauty contradicted with the aggressiveness in it’s behaviour. The concepts and aesthetics used in the video art pieces during Fierce Mild’s performance form narratives themselves which switch between reflecting the music directly  evoking a separate and potentially conflicting feeling. This is done in a way which intertwines and intersects the music in way that leaves the audience with multiple journeys and paths that they can choose to move with.

Both music and visuals will deal with themes of birth and the cycle of life, schizophrenia, evolution, particle physics and the philosophy of death.




Saturday 16 January 2016

8.15–8.45pm Carpark Stage