Gravity Wing by Clio Em

Clio Em

Gravity Wing is a science fiction love story through a blend of folk, electronic and classical music intertwined with abstract imagery.

Clio Em is a writer and musician. She works with words and sound complemented by images, mostly improvisatory photography. Drawing from her experience as a classical composer and opera singer, Clio’s distinct crossover style fuses elements of pop, folk, classical, and electronic genres that blend together into an arresting whole. Born and raised in Alberta, Clio now calls many places in the galaxy home, Canada and Europe among them.

This performance is accompanied by a continuously running video by Canadian visual artist Halina Montrey. The visuals use a set of semi-abstract scenes, based on digitally altered videos of scenery, to complement the performed narrative in a meditative and visually striking manner. Clio Em will be joined by Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra violinist Denise Nittel.



Friday 15 January 2016

9.00–9.30pm Carpark Stage