Bare Bones



Through various styles of dance, the human body will symbolize and explore life, preservation, metamorphosis, decay and death.


7.00–7.30pm Sue Benner Theatre


Hearts of Change

What happens when we embrace our vulnerability and allow it to fuel our actions and words when connecting with others?


6.00–6.30pm Sue Benner Theatre

Eye Resolution.2

Eye Resolution

An interactive live projection work illuminating how humanity is moved by the unseen, the space between and contagious blindsight.


5.00–5.30pm Sue Benner Theatre

Digi Feminism.1

Don’t Read The Comments

Exploring the oppressive nature of freedom of speech online, using verbatim comments from media articles.


4.00–4.30pm Sue Benner Theatre

Stephen Quinn.2


Drop in & out of this performance installation come endurance test inspired by the Greek myth Sisyphus.


Multiple Times Multiple locations

Sonder line

The Mechanics of Entanglement

A piece about mathematics, the beginnings of the universe and the fundamental indeterminism of the quantum world.


8.00–8.30pm Sue Benner Theatre

DYA sisters inside

Waiting and Searching

A birthday hug from Mum. A high five from your sister. A chance to learn from the one who knows you the best. Imagine if you had to wait hours for the one thing that most young people get to do everyday: talk to their parents. Waiting and Searching shares the untold stories of young people who are navigating their way through life and the unfair rules and regulations of the criminal injustice system. A part of Backbone’s 2high Festival at Metro Arts.


6.00–6.30pm Sue Benner Theatre



Fracture. Buckle. Dislocate. Three collections of solo dance and circus performances that leave artists honest, open and bare.


7.00–9.30pm Carpark Stage



Left alone, we become submerged in our thoughts. For some, this means freedom. For others, it is inescapable, overwhelming, suffocating.


4.00–4.30pm Sue Benner Theatre


An Act of Intimacy

What are the conditions necessary for intimacy beyond the mutual desire to connect? A one-on-one encounter.


6.00–10.00pm The Cutting Bar

Scott wings

The Idea

Part Ted talk, part physical theatre, part stand up comedy. Was Einstein really a genius or just good at listening to ideas? Enter the world of The Idea.


4.00–4.30pm Sue Benner Theatre

these violent delights

These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends

Burn out? Post show blues? Fatigue? Injury? Raise awareness about the mental and physical challenges of working in the arts.


2.30–3.15pm The Studio

DYA aunties talking

Aunties Talkin’

If mothers know best, grandmothers know everything. A play created with an Indigenous grandmothers group with plenty of stories to tell.


2.00–2.30pm Sue Benner Theatre