Science Program

Micro Fiction

Micro Fiction

A collection of microfictions tells the untold stories of scientists who haven’t become household names.

Pop Ups

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Zac Priest

Lost in Translation

Examining patterns formed among and within repeating structural units of Proteins.


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Cloud2 and Quantified Earth

Will we have to imagine life without water? Our planet’s water cycles are under threat and we have the data to prove it.


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Joel Gilmore

Experimenting with the Sounds of Music

Experience music through both science and artistic understandings with Joel Gilmore, Vocal Manoeuvres and instrumentalists.


5.00–6.00pm The Studio


Science Texts That Changed the World

From The Origin of the Species to Andrew Wakefield’s notorious paper, join the discussion on big science texts led by Joel Gilmore.


3.00–4.30pm The Studio

GM Crops

Genetically modified crops: a way for the future?

Are genetically modified crops the next step forward or the final biodiversity battle?


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Sonder line

The Mechanics of Entanglement

A piece about mathematics, the beginnings of the universe and the fundamental indeterminism of the quantum world.


8.00–8.30pm Sue Benner Theatre

Flamin Eamon

Stand Back, I Know Science

Join Eamon and Melissa as they pit wits against each other in a cyclone of smoke, flames and gleeful mayhem.


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El Telon

Lenguas Irónicas

This audacious proposal will explore, through a physical theatre drama, the behaving of a brain in a multi linguistic environment.


5.30–6.15pm Sue Benner Theatre

Surveilance party

Surveillance Party (Sydney)

Surveillance Party is a digital record label and warehouse party crew based out of Sydney’s infamous cultural hub, Newtown.


7.00–10.00pm The Basement


Brendan Maclean (Sydney)

After traversing the globe alongside Marcia Hines in Velvet, spend an intimate moment with Brendan as he leaves you wondering just what each second of passing time and heart beat is worth.


6.00–6.45pm Sue Benner Theatre

Sweat of the earth

Sweat of The Earth

Climate Change: The most important and overlooked issue of our time?


12.00–12.45pm The Studio


Shadow Blisters

Shadow blisters is a generative animation using data and imagery reflecting the concept of the ‘shadow blister effect’, a natural phenomenon whereby shadows are known to bulge outward and towards each other.


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