YAAS (Youth Arts Australia Showcase)

Digi Feminism.1

Don’t Read The Comments

Exploring the oppressive nature of freedom of speech online, using verbatim comments from media articles.


4.00–4.30pm Sue Benner Theatre


I Am

Celebrating inclusion through dance, this performance works to introduce society’s inexperience of disability.


12.00–12.30pm Sue Benner Theatre

DYA sisters inside

Waiting and Searching

A birthday hug from Mum. A high five from your sister. A chance to learn from the one who knows you the best. Imagine if you had to wait hours for the one thing that most young people get to do everyday: talk to their parents. Waiting and Searching shares the untold stories of young people who are navigating their way through life and the unfair rules and regulations of the criminal injustice system. A part of Backbone’s 2high Festival at Metro Arts.


6.00–6.30pm Sue Benner Theatre

DYA aunties talking

Aunties Talkin’

If mothers know best, grandmothers know everything. A play created with an Indigenous grandmothers group with plenty of stories to tell.


2.00–2.30pm Sue Benner Theatre



A funny and personal look at life after the high school gates close. Follow a group of friends as they party and talk their way onto The Simpsons.


12.00–12.30pm Sue Benner Theatre


Interrupting the Internet by YAK YAK YAK Youth Arts Kuranda

A new theatre work looking at regional young people’s relationship with the internet, handheld devices and families.


Multiple Times Multiple locations


Parental Guidance Recommended

With the influx of media, information freely flowing and safety alerts on high, step inside to see what it is like to be a child in today’s society.


12:00pm-12:30pm Sue Benner Theatre